Air Conditioning Maintenance

As one of the hardest-working systems in your home or business, regular preventive maintenance is necessary to ensure your cooling system works optimally. There really is nothing more important to the life and performance of your existing cooling system than a maintenance checkup from Midlands Maintenance.

At least once a year, before you turn on your cooling unit for the first time that season, we recommend an air conditioner inspection and tune-up to identify any problems that may have been caused by harsh weather and winter. This visit includes complete inspection, cleaning, and testing of your cooling systems many components. Our licensed technicians can identify and repair many issues before they even becoming a problem, saving you in repair costs and extending the life of your system.

Midlands Maintenance customers who sign up for recurring preventive maintenance service enjoy priority scheduling and even helpful reminders to schedule a tune-up appointment to be certain their air conditioner is ready for the warmer days ahead. They also enjoy improved comfort, optimal efficiency, and lower utility bills, simply by scheduling one appointment with the air conditioning professionals at Midlands Maintenance.

If you have a newer air conditioning system, you’ll also want to be certain regular maintenance is a part of your plan to protect the life of your investment. Some manufacturer warranties even require regular HVAC maintenance to remain valid during the warranty period. Call us a Midlands Maintenance Heating and Cooling, and we will take great care of both you and your home or business cooling system.

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