Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services​

The water heater in your home or business works hard for you 24/7 providing comforting warm or hot water whenever you turn the tap. The only time most people pay attention to a water heater is when it suddenly stops working. Just like any other appliance or equipment in your home, a water heater requires some regular maintenance to make sure it is working as it should. Midlands Maintenance has the experience and skilled technicians to help keep your water heater in excellent operating condition. From minor repairs like replacing a pressure-relief valve or heating element to more extensive water quality issues and total replacement, Midlands Maintenance can quickly troubleshoot issues you may be having with your gas or electric water heater and make the necessary repairs or recommendation for a water heater upgrade.

Typical Water Heater Repairs

When your water heater fails to operate, there are a few things Midlands Maintenance often finds to be the culprit, and many of these things are easy repairs that do not require the unit to be replaced.

It may seem obvious, but if the unit isn’t working at all, start by checking to see if a fuse is blown or a breaker tripped. If the water heats but just doesn’t seem to get quite warm enough (or way too warm), you can check the setting on the temperature control knob and adjust it up or down, accordingly. Be sure that the temperature isn’t set too hot; this can cause a danger of burns for children or others who may be turning on the hot water fixtures in your home or business.

Sometimes the thermostat needs replacing, and for that, a quick call to Midlands Maintenance is recommended. Another common repair is the need to replace the heating element. We can help with that, as well.

Another prudent maintenance item for water heaters is to drain them at least once per year fully. This can help eliminate and reduce the buildup of sediment inside the water heater, which impacts efficiency and overall performance.

Prolong the life of your water heater by scheduling a routine check-up with Midlands Maintenance at (402) 769-8234.

Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Older water heaters – those 8 to 12 years old – are likely candidates for total replacement. The actual length of use you’ll be able to expect from a water heater depends on several things including the water quality that cycles through it, the location where it is installed and whether or not it has received regular maintenance.

If you find that your water heater works only part-time, doesn’t seem to heat and cycle warm water as quickly as you’d expect, or if you see obvious leaks around the base of the tank, it is likely time for a new water heater. Older water heaters also are likely to require more energy to operate. Replacement can bring cost savings through added efficiency and lower utility bills.

Selecting a New Water Heater

Midlands Maintenance Heating and Cooling can help identify the ideal water heater replacement for your home or business. Some of the factors to consider are gallon capacity (40- and 50-gallon heaters are most common), recovery rate (the number of gallons the water will heat in an hour) and the unit’s dimensions (width and height). Energy efficiency ratings are also prominently listed on all new water heaters, which is something worth considering especially if utility costs are an important consideration.

Midlands Maintenance recommends and installs water heaters from A.O. Smith, a leading manufacturer of both commercial and residential water heaters. We can quickly remove and replace your existing unit, dispose of the old unit and have all systems back to normal quickly and affordable. Schedule an appointment by calling (402) 769-8234.

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